Partner Central supports the following types of users:

  • Reseller.
  • Customer.
  • Operator. The operator belongs to a reseller or a customer account.

Also, there is the root account that can have subordinate operators.

Accounts are displayed on the Accounts tab. If you do not have permission to view other users’ accounts, you see only your own account on this tab.

Viewing Accounts

You can access another user’s account if this account is on a lower level of hierarchy and you have rights to view it.

To view an account details, go to the Accounts tab, click the name in the Name column. The account details page opens.

To view accounts of a particular type (customer, reseller, or operator), use the corresponding links to pre-defined filters on the left of the screen.

To find a particular account, you can create a custom search query as described in Searching for User Accounts.

Selecting Columns to Display

To select which columns to display in the accounts list:

On the Accounts tab, click the link Select Columns and select the columns to be displayed in the list.

To discard your changes, click Reset to Default.

Note that Partner Central can add some columns to the list automatically based on the specified search parameters.

To return to the default set of columns:

On the Accounts tab, click the link Select Columns and then Reset to Default. Only default columns will be selected, and the changes will be applied to the list when you click OK.