Support of Cloud Platforms

We invite you to use a new way for installing Plesk via Web Interface.

Plesk is available on the following Cloud Platforms:

Plesk Configuration \ Cloud Platform
CentOS 7 (WebHost)
CentOS 7 (BYOL*)
Ubuntu 20.04 (WebHost)***
Ubuntu 20.04 (WebPro)***
Ubuntu** (BYOL*)
Ubuntu 22.04 on ARM (BYOL*)
Windows 2019 (WebHost)
Windows 2019 (BYOL*)
Plesk WordPress Edition - CentOS 7
Plesk Business & Collaboration Edition - CentOS 7
Web Admin SE - CentOS 7
Web Admin SE - Ubuntu 20.04

You can deploy Plesk using a QCOW2 image on a cloud platform even if it is not listed in the table above. To find out if a cloud platform supports QCOW2 images, refer to the platform's documentation or contact their support team.

* - "BYOL" means "Bring Your Own License". After Plesk is deployed, you can have it with a 14-day trial license or buy and install your own Plesk license. Read more about choosing between Plesk WebHost and BYOL.

** - Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 for Linode; Ubuntu 20.04 for AWS, Google, Alibaba, and Azure

*** - After Plesk is deployed on Vultr, you can have it with a free 30-day trial license