This chapter explains what product licenses are necessary to run Plesk Multi Server.

Per Server Licensing

Every node in Plesk Multi Server – the Management Node and all of the Service Nodes – require the following product license keys to be installed:

  1. Plesk Product License Key,
  2. Plesk Multi Server Extension License Key.

Please note that even though the Management Node is not used for hosting domains, it still requires a regular Plesk product license key.

Selecting Plesk Product License Key for Multi Server

Only the following Plesk product licenses can be used for Multi Server:

Note: Web Admin does not support Multi Server.

Consider the following when deciding on which Plesk product licenses to select.

Domain Count Restrictions

The Plesk product license key installed at the Management Node defines the maximum number of domains that can be hosted simultaneously throughout all the subscriptions on all the connected Service Nodes. This means that if the Web Pro license is installed on the Management Node, the entire Plesk Multi Server can host no more than 30 domains at one time.

It is therefore recommended, however not required, that the product license key to be installed at the Management Node be Web Host, which provides unlimited domains.

Feature Discrepancy

Using different Plesk product licenses on different nodes may lead to certain parts of Plesk functionality being inaccessible and unusable.

  1. If a product license at a Management Node provides more functions than a product license at a Service Node, a subscription can be created such that it will not be possible to fulfill.
  2. If a product license at a Management Node provides fewer functions than a product license at a Service Node, it will be impossible to create a subscription that includes such functions.

It is recommended that the product licenses used for Plesk Multi Server enable the same capabilities.

Note: We recommend using Plesk Web Host edition on the management node.

Installing License Keys

Plesk product license key and Plesk Multi Server extension license key are installed at the Management Node the same way as for any other Plesk server.

For instructions on installing a Plesk product license key, see Installing a Plesk License Key.

For instructions on installing an extension license key, see Installing Additional License Keys for Plesk Add-ons.

Instructions and examples of using Plesk CLI for installing license keys can be found here: Reference for Command-Line Utilities, Plesk for Linux, chapter license: License Keys.