You can perform all API calls through the management node as a single entry point. Plesk Multi Server API-RPC is compatible with the Plesk’s XML API.

Working with Plesk Multi Server API

Plesk Multi Server API operations allow to manage the service nodes. Use Plesk Multi Server API to manage service nodes:

Provisioning is performed asynchronously in Plesk Multi Server. While an API call is executed immediately, the corresponding provisioning tasks continue to execute on the service nodes. Manage provisioning tasks using Plesk Multi Server API:

Packets for Plesk Multi Server API follow this structure:


Working with Plesk API Through Plesk Multi Server

Requests to Plesk API for operations related to Multi Server must be sent through Multi Server API. This way, Plesk Multi Server extension can perform necessary operations, based on the sent request, or simply forward it to Plesk if no additional operations on the Plesk Multi Server side are required. This approach must be used for operations like:

Packets for Plesk API that are forwarded through Plesk Multi Server follow this structure:


For the information on Plesk API, see Plesk XML API Guide.