Plesk Web Admin SE is a special Plesk image available on Ubuntu 16.04 and bundled with Amazon Lightsail and Alibaba Cloud. We call it “Plesk Hosting Stack on Ubuntu” on Amazon Lightsail and “Plesk Onyx on Ubuntu 16.04 (WebAdmin SE)” on Alibaba Cloud. Even though the image name differs, the functionality of Plesk Web Admin SE is the same for both cloud platforms.

Plesk Web Admin SE image comes with the preinstalled Plesk Web Admin SE license. The license is provided for free, but comes with a number of limitations compared to paid Plesk Onyx licenses. Plesk Web Admin SE is suitable for basic hosting management or for trying Plesk out before buying a paid Plesk license.

Here are the limitations of Plesk Web Admin SE:

  • You can manage not more than three of each of the following: domains, domain aliases, mailboxes, mail accounts, user accounts, and web users.
  • A number of WordPress Toolkit features are disabled.
  • Plesk Support is free for the first 30 days. After 30 days, to use Plesk Support, either upgrade your Plesk license to Web Pro or Web Host Edition or buy a support subscription. However, you are free to read the documentation, look for answers in the Plesk Help Center, and to seek help from the Plesk Forum.
  • A promo banner that cannot be closed or hidden is displayed in the Plesk interface.

See the detailed description of Plesk Web Admin SE, Web Pro, and Web Host.

If you want to get all Plesk features without the restrictions described above, upgrade your Plesk license to Web Pro or Web Host Edition.